GST Compliant ERP for PharmaTraders

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What is PharmaTrader?

PharmaTrader is our next generation GST Inventory and Accounting software. We have developed it specifically for the pharmacy, medical shops, distributors, and traders in pharma. We have been in this sector for long enough to realize that it changes continuously. GST is just the starting point, and soon, everything will be online. So, we want to upgrade you to the best technology.

PharmaTrader works on cloud technology, which means that you will get the power to run your business even when you are outside.

It works like magic!

We are so excited about PharmaTrader that we can't wait to see you using it.

We have so much to tell you! Here are some of those things.

How is trading in pharma different?

Trading in the pharma industry is different from other sectors. First, pharma is a very regulated industry. Since medicines are life-saving drugs, the prescription and distribution of drugs takes place through a regulated channel. You won't find medicines being sold at a departmental store.

Next, products in every invoice have a specific batch number, manufacturing date and expiry. It serves as a tracking mechanism for the medicine. Every batch produced can be traced back to the manufacturer's stock.

This takes place automatically, and customers just buy medicines that their doctor prescribed them.

Using GST billing software

You create GST invoices every day. The trend has changed, and you have shifted to making invoices on a pharmacy billing software (well, most of you). That allows you to record every transaction, so that you don't need to manually enter them later in your GST return. That also helps you to manage your medical shop or pharmacy.

GST changes are a big problem

Traders tell us that ever since GST got implemented, they have faced several challenges complying with it. Specially with the hurdle of filing returns every month. Added to that is the update that they do to their offline software every time there is a change in the GST regulation. We figured you would need something better than that. So, we created an online software which automatically updates itself with all the GST updates. You don't even have to press a button!

How to stock inventory?

Every pharmacy or a medical shop has more than 1 lakh medicines. Now, there are 2 ways to manage inventory: either keep a written record and memorize the location of each item or use an inventory management software to keep track of the location of every medicine, along with its quantity. You know which one is the better way. PharmaTrader does it in a click of a button.

How to protect data?

Let us tell you something more. Sometimes, your computer gets hit by a virus and you don't know what to do. Or, your computer's hard disk crashes and all your data gets lost. That is a major problem these days. Think of a world where you don't have to worry about all that. Whatever happens to your computer, your data is completely safe. In fact, if your computer stops working, you can continue your work from your phone. That's what we did. We have a system of protected servers which keep all your data secure.

Software Installation takes time

You know the drill. Take a product demo, then install the software from their website, or their pendrive. Then, you must check whether your system is latest, otherwise, the software will be slow and won't work properly.

What a mess! Isn't it better if you don't have to install the software? Life can't be easier. Opening our software is as easy as opening Google.com. It starts instantly, without installation.

How to learn a software?

Let us tell you the usual process. A person comes to you, explains about the product, and then you start using it. Every time you have a problem, you call and wait for the person to fix it. How about doing all that automatically? You don't have to wait for anyone to learn the software, or get your problems fixed!

Our software has built-in chat feature, online training videos, customer support executives, and a massive network of partners who help you instantly start using PharmaTrader. The trend is changing. Why wait for anyone?



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