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Pen Order Booking Mobile App

SpinePOB Application - Point of business management is all about service, order, and purchase management. Oftentimes, these tasks are delegated to sales forces or other teams who take time out of their normal schedules to conduct POB tasks.

What SpinePOB does is automate all your point of business management tasks, right from order management, to purchase tracking, in order to free up more time for your sales forces to concentrate on closing sales. That’s what they are meant to do, right?

SpinePOB is rich with features that help you conduct efficient POB management, such as order booking, dispatch status, order tracking, purchase management, and configuration management.

Features of our SpinePOB

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Core Features of SpinePOB

Order Booking

Order booking is an integral part of POB activities. Point of business and point of sale solutions from Spine offer efficient order booking capabilities, so that automation can be put to full use and human resources can be directed towards other, more important tasks. Not to say that order booking isn’t important! With Spine’s POB solutions, order booking has been made simple, effective, and efficient, and all it takes is the touch of a button.

Order Booking

Dispatchment Status

With SpinePOB, organizations and businesses never have to worry about pending or late shipments. Right from a centralized dashboard, order dispatch status can be checked and acted upon. Worried that your shipment hasn’t been dispatched, and will reach your customer late? Just fire up Spine’s POB solutions, and put an end to all your worries. All order dispatch statuses are visible right under one umbrella, making your tasks incredibly easy.

Dispatchment Status

Order Status

Along with dispatch status, SpinePOB solutions also allow you to view current order status. Whether it be pending, waiting, completed, or paid for, Spine’s POB solutions give you complete information about each and every order status. This helps in efficient management of resources, since you are always on top of all your orders coming in or going out. SpinePOB helps you save time, effort, and resources, by updating correct order statuses as and when they are processed.

Order Status

Sell smart and quick and boost your sales with our seamless B2B mobile order taking app.

Empower: Empower your sales reps by allowing them to sell proactively with agility and let them drive your sales up with our sales order app.

Connect: Give your customers every bit of their account information on the field and connect with them to establish trust and build confidence.

Monitor: Eliminate communication and management lapses with your sales reps our pharma order-taking app and experience hassle-free management.

Engage: Use data-driven insights and trade promotion performance metrics to understand your sales B2B channels and ensure greater engagement.

Our Features

Reinventing your sales as pharma sales and business unit leaders requires you to inject flexibility into the system. We are here for just that. Our salesfield order taking app allows you to modify workflows, business rules, and forms and ensure seamless management over your sales reps.

The features of our pharma distributor order taking app are designed to help you transition easily from mass-market to customized target-market approach.

Order Automation: Cut down the errors and irregularities of manual processes and automate your ordering procedures with our mobile order taking app using e-catalogs, purchase history, replenishment, or barcode scans and use smart B2B ordering to boost sales.

Customizable e-Catalogs: Develop impressive e-Catalogs that represent you by customizing them with multiple product categories & product photos and keep up-to-date inventory and detailed product & marketing information that help your sales reps sell better and smarter.

Mobile CRM: Personalize your customer relationships with the Mobile CRM feature of our pharma distributor order taking app by keeping track of customer relationships by analyzing order history, invoices, payments, returns, and more, to support informed decision making.

Offline Operation: Allow your sales reps to access all the features of our app and accommodate changes even when they have a bad or no internet connection. Our app automatically syncs the changes with your system once the internet connection is established successfully.

Cross-Platform Operation: Ensure maximum ease of operation by configuring our mobile order booking app in your iOS/Android Devices, and reduce production costs by eliminating the need of buying expensive devices for your sales reps and paper updating and re-printing costs.

Sales Rep Planner: Monitor, control, and set goals for your sales reps using the sales rep activity planner and plan your sales reps’ day with their tasks with respective geographical locations and sales goals for the day, prioritizing customers with greater values according to business logic.

Our Promises

Our sales order booking app is designed in a way that redefines the relationships between your sales reps and physicians by automating the processes and ensuring better customer and sales experiences. It also gives you access to smart tools that help you boost sales by creating custom pricelists, promotion, and discount plans, and flexible workflows.

Lightning Speed Operations: Our sales order taking app ensures lightning-fast business operations by providing features like flexible workflows, seamless cut-off date, and delivery schedule management, intelligent and adaptive warehouse routing, and real-time tracking.

Better Sales Experiences: Improve sales experiences with our medicine order taking app using query-relevant product descriptions, smart product search, simplified orders, intuitive order duplicating, and easy tracking of orders, returns, quotes, stock check, and transactions.

Expand Order Margins: Expand your order sizes and margins by easily defining cross-sell and upsell promotion plans for specific products and developing multiple price lists for different customer segments without giving up on your specific core business rules.

Seamless Communication: Our platform ensures seamless communication by automating communication about order validation and approval based on your business logic and new pricing, discounts, and promotion plans to your sales reps and customers.

Ease of Payments: Our sales field order taking app is integrated with numerous reliable payment gateways that allow you to accept payments of any type and provides superior customer experiences without any hassle.

Informed Decision Making: Leverage sales dashboards and useful analytical reports to monitor your order-to-cash cycle for different customers to segment them and determine their priority order for your sales reps.

All-around Optimization

From Reps to IT, the operational efficiency of each department reflects in your sales. We revamp the operations of each department that are holding your sales down and optimize them to increase efficiency.

Sales Reps: Streamline and automate day-to-day sales activities of your sales reps to ensure higher levels of efficiency throughout the complex sales process. Simplify complex orders with configurable workflows and by splitting an order by delivery date, and assign multiple shipping addresses.

Offline operation of our pharma distributor order taking app ensures true mobility and allows your sales reps to be agile. Activity dashboards, checklists, and reports help your sales reps to be on track with their daily plans and sales goals. Mobile CRM helps your sales reps focus on customer relationships over administration.

Managers: Communication lapses make it tough for managers to manage sales reps and make informed decisions. Changing market demands and rising customer expectations are shifting client focus from a mass-market to a target-market approach. Hence establishing a connection between managers and sales reps has become very crucial.

Our sales order booking app empowers managers to make smart and informed decisions with the help of real-time tracking. It also improves the scalability of the organization as a whole by allowing territory and staff management. It also keeps you updated about the KPIs with the help of BI dashboards.

IT: Rising customer expectations and competition puts undue pressure on your IT team and lays scalability and efficiency challenges on them. Our pharma distributor order taking app eases their operations by ensuring flexible and reliable application infrastructures. With a robust cloud infrastructure accommodating the platform, we provide seamless integration of B2B channels and tools.

We also help you cut down IT resource and tool costs with broad device compatibility, an intuitive UI, and a truly mobile experience. Our pharma wholesaler order taking app is fully customizable and lets your IT team configure everything to suit your product’s business and marketing goals.

Benefits of Using Our Sales Order App

Info-Driven Sales: Generating your customized Product e-Catalog with multiple product categories & product photos, multi-level category nesting, keypress search & more ensures info-driven sales and supports sales enablement.

Real-time Reports: Generate production & sales forecasts with confidence by leveraging advanced real-time reports which help you boost sales and become responsive to contemporary buying trends.

Reduced Errors: Eliminate manual errors and irregularities by enforcing automated order entries and by exporting order lists in XLS, PDF, JSON, and XML formats and ensure better operational efficiency.

Advanced Resources: Eliminate sales calls, text messages, printed pricelists, and outdated sales material and use effective resources like customized e-Catalogs, personalized pricelists, Mobile CRM, smart automated emails, to boost sales.

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