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SpinePOB Application - Point of business management is all about service, order, and purchase management. Oftentimes, these tasks are delegated to sales forces or other teams who take time out of their normal schedules to conduct POB tasks.

What SpinePOB does is automate all your point of business management tasks, right from order management, to purchase tracking, in order to free up more time for your sales forces to concentrate on closing sales. That’s what they are meant to do, right?

SpinePOB is rich with features that help you conduct efficient POB management, such as order booking, dispatch status, order tracking, purchase management, and configuration management.

Features of our SpinePOB

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Core Features of SpinePOB

Order Booking

Order booking is an integral part of POB activities. Point of business and point of sale solutions from Spine offer efficient order booking capabilities, so that automation can be put to full use and human resources can be directed towards other, more important tasks. Not to say that order booking isn’t important! With Spine’s POB solutions, order booking has been made simple, effective, and efficient, and all it takes is the touch of a button.

Order Booking

Dispatchment Status

With SpinePOB, organizations and businesses never have to worry about pending or late shipments. Right from a centralized dashboard, order dispatch status can be checked and acted upon. Worried that your shipment hasn’t been dispatched, and will reach your customer late? Just fire up Spine’s POB solutions, and put an end to all your worries. All order dispatch statuses are visible right under one umbrella, making your tasks incredibly easy.

Dispatchment Status

Order Status

Along with dispatch status, SpinePOB solutions also allow you to view current order status. Whether it be pending, waiting, completed, or paid for, Spine’s POB solutions give you complete information about each and every order status. This helps in efficient management of resources, since you are always on top of all your orders coming in or going out. SpinePOB helps you save time, effort, and resources, by updating correct order statuses as and when they are processed.

Order Status

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