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For the pharma industry, billing should never be a primary concern. An industry as important and crucial as pharma should always focus on what matters most- treatment, and getting it to patients when they need it. With pharma traders focusing their energies on the aforementioned, who will do the dirty work when it comes to billing? Spine’s billing software, what else!

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Billing and invoicing software are basic needs for all traders, retailers and distributors. If the billing software is online or cloud based, it presents an even further range of benefits. Spine hits it out of the ballpark when it comes to its billing software, with ease of generating invoices the primary focus for us.

What’s more is that Spine’s billing software is GST-ready. You no longer have to fret over calculating GST and adding it manually to your bills, Spine does all the work for you. All that is needed from you is to focus on closing sales, leave the rest upon Spine’s invoicing software!

Features of our Billing Software

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Core Features of Billing Software

Ease of Invoice Generation

A competent billing software, be it for retail or distributors, needs to provide ease of use and a seamless invoice generation process. Spine’s invoice generation and billing software ensures that the needful is achieved, with simple steps to generate invoices at the click of a button. All components are clearly listed in the bill, along with the relevant taxes, so that both customers and retailers are aware of what they are buying or selling. Offering a seamless billing process, Spine ensures that you face no hassles while generating invoices.

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GST Compliance

With the introduction of the goods and services tax, traders and retailers have been constantly worrying about how to rework their existing billing systems to add GST compliance to their bill generation. Most of this work has been done manually, with enormous amounts of time and resources lost. With Spine’s retail and distributor billing software, you can kiss all your GST worries goodbye! GST compliance built into the software makes sure that all your bills include the correct amount of GST, and it is reflected in your returns as well.

GST Compliance

Ease of Use

Spine’s invoicing software ensures that your team spends less time on getting to know how to use the billing software, and more time on closing sales. An easy to use environment, coupled with a clear-cut invoice generation process, helps teams generate invoices at the click of a button. User experience is guaranteed to be amazing with Spine’s billing software, making sure that your team is dedicated towards what needs to be done, rather than menial billing tasks.

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