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Customer relationship management is a crucial part of running any business. After all, the customer comes first and foremost. The customer is always right. Therefore, it makes total sense to dedicate company resources towards sustaining customer relations, and managing them in order to boost sales profits, improve customer experiences, and utilize data to make decisions.

Spine’s CRM software helps you achieve the aforementioned, and much more. With key features that are a must in any CRM software, Spine is one of the top CRM software providers in the country. Customer management systems are seldom made perfect, but Spine comes awfully close.

With top-of-the-line features like contact management, tracking and data analysis, and lead management, Spine’s CRM software is the one you should be looking for. Don’t believe us? Read on!

Features of our CRM Software

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Core Features of CRM Software

Lead Management

For businesses focused on customers, leads are an important part of all business operations. Spine’s CRM software solutions help you manage leads throughout their entire life cycle, right from lead generation to closing of sales and conversion. Prospective leads can be charted up in the CRM software, and the data is available and accessible in an instant right from entry to conversion. This also assists in contact management, since all customer profiles and interactions performed are stored in a centralized manner.

Lead Management image

Contact Management

As mentioned before, lead management encompasses contact management too. Once you convert leads and gain customers, accessing their data in an easy and efficient manner is what most businesses would want. They would like their sales teams to spend more time on interacting with customers and contacts, and closing deals, rather than navigating their way around a complex contact management system with no clue as to what to do. Spine simplifies this exchange for you, storing all needed customer information in a unified hub, making it easy to retrieve data.

Contact Management image

Campaign and Social Media Management

Social media is the talk of the town these days. Effective CRM without social media perhaps cannot exist in today’s competitive world, that is why businesses focus their customer relationship management tasks toward campaigns and social media. With Spine, you can get insights on how your audience and customers react and interact with your social media accounts. A cloud based CRM and online services ensure that you never lose connection, and are close to your customers 24X7.

Campaign and Social Media Management

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