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SpineHRM: Elevating HR Management to New Heights

A cloud-based HRM software trusted by diverse industries, SpineHRM streamlines your HR processes and empowers
your workforce for success.
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Best HR Software in India – A Complete Human Resource Management Solution

Simplify HR and amplify results with SpineHRM Your People, Our Priority!

SpineHRM, a smart HR software that redefines the most valuable asset—PEOPLE—for the organization. Say goodbye to the complexities and embrace the blend of innovation and improved team insights. Our employee management software is here to rescue you.

Your company's human resources are the beating heart of your success; let’s make them healthier.

The approach you use to manage your team can make or break your business. Then why take a risk? Supercharge your HR efforts and deploy reliable HR management software like SpineHRM.

Imagine a single, smart HR software that readily handles your existing employees' needs, from payroll to performance reviews, all in one place.

Key Features of SpineHRM

  • Core HR Management
  • Unify Employee Information
  • HR Reports, Company Policy,
    and Forms
  • Employee Connects
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Payroll Management
  • Streamlined Expense Management
  • Easy Employee Evaluation

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Key modules incorporated
with in SpineHRM

  • Human resource module The Human Resource module within SpineHRM streamlines various essential HR functions, from recruitment and onboarding to exit management, employee training and much more
  • Time office module Our Time Office module simplifies time management and attendance tracking processes.
  • Payroll module SpineHRM's Payroll module automates the complex task of salary processing and statutory compliance.

Mobile Application Features of

  • Employee Profile
    • Employee Profile is your comprehensive repository for all essential information related to employees’ histories and other data.
    • Manual file maintenance is eliminated from the equation, so you enjoy effortless access to all vital documents.
  • Attendance
    • Month-at-a-Glance: Get a quick overview of all monthly attendance.
    • Instant Leave Requests: Apply for leave right from the phone.
    • Easily monitor your leave balance.
    • Effortless request for compensatory leave (CPL) through a user-friendly mobile app
  • My Vouchers
    • See the status of your vouchers with one tap.
    • Stay informed, stay on top, and get timely updates and notifications.
    • Apply for leave from anywhere, anytime, hassle-free!
  • Approvals
    • Watch all approved requests by an employee for their junior displayed on the interface of the smart HR software.
  • Appraisals
    • People’s self-growth is in the palm of your hands. Navigate the appraisal through the mobile app. Instant, Easy and Reliable!
  • Salary Slip
    • From earning to deductions, access financial clarity at your fingertips or any relevant information you wish.
  • Shift Requests
    • Need to tweak your schedule? Just pick a date, set your preferred shift, write down the reason, and send it over to your supervisor.
  • Requisitions
    • Easily initiate requisitions to fill vacancies and drive your department's growth. The requisition process is now streamlined!
  • Teams
    • Make critical HR decisions like a sharpshooter with SpineHRM!

Why SpineHRM Software?

Let’s ask, why settle for ordinary when industry brings you the best HR software? Businesses across the globe are choosing SpineHRM Software for one compelling reason: "to revolutionize the way they manage and handle their workforce."

State-of-the-art online HR software makes team management effortless. From error-free payrolls to tracking deliverables, attendance, and performance, our HR and payroll software has got your back.

Furthermore, SpineHRM simplifies the entire hiring process, so you can screen applicants with ease and bring top-tier talent onboard. SpineHRM is not just software; it’s your growth partner. The friendly HR mobile app adds more convenience.

So, elevate your HR game, empower your team, and watch your business soar to new heights!

Are you tired of drowning in paperwork and tedious manual tasks? Supercharge your HR management with SpineHRM, your ultimate wingman in the dynamic workforce quest!


Experience the transition in your organization with this best HR software, letting you soar through your HR duties with time-saving automation. HR management software equips you with precise data and analytics for on-point choices every time. Thanks to SpineHRM's automated HR and payroll software for not just making the bottom line more responsive but also for preventing unexpected legal curveballs from turning into compliance nightmares!

So, scout, hire, and onboard the best talent without breaking a sweat or tracking your people with comprehensive reports!

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