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Sales forces need to communicate with customers on a regular basis in order to talk terms and close sales. Often, without automation, sales teams spend needless amounts of time in getting the menial tasks done, such as data entry, and cannot devote the time that they want to the customer.

A SalesForce Mobile App for Pharma Industry

Now, there are plenty of SFA software available out there, but only one checks off all the boxes and lets your sales teams concentrate on what is important. Spine’s SFA solutions, packed with the best in class features, ensure that you never lose a single minute of customer time.

Tracking all contacts made with customers, pulling up data, and all follow ups are efficiently stored and accessed in Spine’s SFA software. Streamlining your sales processes and avoiding duplicate sales efforts is now easier than ever, thanks to our top SFA solutions for businesses.

Features of our SpineSFA

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Core Features of SpineSFA

Expense Management

Expense management can often be a pressing issue for businesses and organizations. Many times, it so happens that sales forces and teams themselves are tasked with expense management, leaving them less time to concentrate on what really matters- closing sales. Automating your expense management processes makes the lives of your sales forces easier, and increases efficiency of all related processes by a significant amount. Banking, accounting, and all other expense management jobs can be automated with SpineSFA.

Expense Management image

Sales Force Management

One crucial aspect of all SFA software is being a centre, a hub for all ongoing sales activities and data for all customers. This helps SFA software generate opportunities for follow ups or closing sales, much easier than what would be possible manually. With SpineSFA solutions, all you need to do are a few clicks, and you are instantaneously notified of all developments, opportunities for sales, and follow ups to be carried out. This also helps streamline the sales pipeline, and prevent duplicate sales efforts.

Sales Force Management image

Campaign Management

A core part of CRM, campaign management is also required to a high degree in SFA. Since it will be the sales teams themselves interacting to leads and subsequently converting, effective campaign management is a must in any competitive SFA software, be it social media or marketing. Spine’s SFA solutions make sure that you get the most effective methods of managing your campaigns, staying on top of all interactions, and track them in real time to make sure that interactions are heading in the right direction.

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