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Salary attendance software

Payroll software is a necessity for all businesses and organizations. It is one of the most crucial operations for any organization, yet can be the most cumbersome and time-consuming. Well, no more! Spine brings to you its salary attendance software, equipped with the best in class features to help manage your human resources in the best way possible.

Salary & Attendance Management

Leave attendance management, human resource management, payslip software, and HR software solutions can be quite tricky to find. Even if you do so, making sure that it is tailored to your organization’s needs can be troublesome.

With Spine’s payroll software, there is no need of worrying to manage your HR and finances, or manage your salary work for the employees. Spine’s salary attendance management software does all the dirty work for you, so that you can concentrate on what is truly important- success of the business.

Features of our Salary Software

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Core Features of Salary Software

Payroll Management

Based on present schedules, payrolls for all employees are built up and wages are calculated accordingly. Leaves and attendance are calculated in the system as per entries, and employee wages are calculated taking these leaves into account. Payrolls are managed with due diligence, ensuring that employees are paid correctly and paid what they are owed. Multiple pay and benefit structures may also be introduced in the software, to make it one of the most efficient HR payroll software out there.

Payroll Management image

Leave and Attendance Management

Spine’s attendance and salary management software makes it easy to manage leaves and attendance all in one place. Employees can mark attendance when they come in, and can also put leaves into the system whenever they wish to do so. This makes it easier to calculate wages as stated above, and makes sure that the administration also does not miss out on employees taking absence leaves. Managers may also view and accept or reject leave applications submitted by employees with Spine’s attendance and salary software.

Leave and Attendance image

HR Management

Spine’s software also allows businesses and organizations to manage their HR at one place. With easy to use implementations and secure data storage, information about all human resources is easily accessible with Spine’s HR payroll functionality. This creates quick access to all employee data, for all intents and purposes, and can even aid in automation of other routine tasks.

HR Management

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