5 Advantages of a Single System ERP Solution

ERP was first conceptualized with the thought to facilitate free flow of information between all the departments of an organization to gain centralized control and transparency. Unfortunately, many companies appeared in the market which were nothing more than silo software systems bolted together with weak connectors. A true ERP is a system with centralized database with different programs branching out from the main program. An ERP like SpineBMS is best suited to meet the IT demands of all the departments of a company and has the capability to bear the increasing load as the company expands.

So why should you consider a Single ERP over an integrated ERP?

Single point of control & Duplicate Entry Elimination
Single ERP is built on a centralized database thus providing a single point of control for the entire organization. It helps streamline the business processes and keep them under check. Single ERP eliminates the chances of duplicate entry in different databases, thus helping to maintain a consistent and correct information throughout the organization.

Minimum IT Maintenance
Single ERP system limits the requirement of IT support from a single vendor, whereas if you have multiple systems you would be dependent of multiple vendors for IT support and for integration of different systems.

Easy Upgrades
In addition to minimum maintenance, single ERP systems are easier to upgrade. Whereas in case of multiple systems many conflicts do arise when one system is updated and becomes incompatible with another system.

Reduced Costs
The more the number of systems in the company the more is the cost. It is much more expensive to maintain multiple systems instead of one.

Process Control
ERP is all about the process control as per the best industry practices. When multiple systems are bolted together, it losses the bottom line of running the company through standard processes, as different system bring in different controls and processes. Thus it becomes important to choose a single ERP such as SpineBMS that adhere to all the qualities of a true ERP.

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