How can SpineBMS ERP help you save money

By Reducing Inventory cost

  • Reduced stock expiry: SpineBMS ERP works on First Expiry First Out model which automatically prioritizes consumption of stock that is first to expire. Thus, it reduces wastage of stock.
  • Demand linked stock: It forecasts demand and usage and accordingly guides to maintain only the required quantity of stock. It helps to do away with excess stock and releases surplus resources tied up with redundant stock.
  • Stock visibility across the distribution chain: SpineBMS ERP provides real time information on stock and sales at the distributor / stockist location and accordingly guides the company to reallocate the stock from the location that is not performing well to the location that is performing well.
  • Instant status of stock: Instant reports on the exact status of stock allows the company to take the timely action. SpineBMS ERP instantly provides reports on wastage, returns, swap outs, replacements, and items that are to be returned to the manufacturer.
  • Reduced handling and maintenance: Reduced stock means reduced warehousing, handling, transportation and damages cost

By Increasing Operational Efficiency and Reducing Admin Cost

  • In-time & bulk purchase: Production planning and control module in SpineBMS creates a well scheduled plan for production and purchase. It helps in reducing cost by recommending in-time and bulk purchase. Also, helps in reducing cost by guiding minimum batch size production.
  • Eliminate inefficient processes: Get a bigger picture of the company’s operations and insights for operational improvement by knowing, which department is not efficient and why? How much time it takes from order to cash? How are the employees performing on daily basis? Answers to these questions will help reduce overheads and cut unnecessary costs.
  • Track Stock Location: Through SpineBMS ERP feature for location tracking company can save many hours of wasted efforts spent in search for stocks and assets.
  • Cost Calculation: Cost calculation through excel is a time consuming and erroneous process. SpineBMS ERP can automate this process through its Costing module and provide immediate results.
  • All customer information in one place: ERP enables to fetch all the information about the customers from different places such as accounts, services, CRM without which it takes double, triple amount of time to get the required information about the customer. To answer simple customer queries, the customer service operator would have to go through the multiple systems. With ERP in place time spent dealing with customers is reduced meaning higher profit and happier customers.
  • Track fraud and malicious activities: ERP software helps to keep check on fraudulent activities and guides all the employees to work as per defined protocol.
  • Trigger alerts to highlight exceptions: ERP system can update the management and the concerned people whenever there is an occurrence of exception from the normal business operations.
  • Project overview and status: Management can track the progress of the project and associated costs on the go, whereas without and ERP it can be tracked only after the project is completed. Also, since all the information is stored in a single system, it helps to analyze and figure out inefficient processes and replace them with better solutions.

Choosing the right ERP for your business can be a difficult decision, but do not let that deter you from upgrading your software. It will be well worth it in the long run. If you are unsure where to start, you should speak with our ERP consultant to figure out exactly what you want and need out of your enterprise resource planning system. Set up a meeting and start investing in the future today!

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