The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on unprecedented times for the entire world. The earth has come to a halt, beaches, movie theatres, malls, schools, and gyms are all closed, and no one knows when they will reopen, or when the world will return back to normal. In these tough and testing times, the way we live and work has been altered- since most offices and businesses are now being run remotely, from the comfort of home sweet home, IT and technology solutions have stepped up to the plate in order to bring the world together and keep businesses running.

Spine- bringing the world closer in times of hardship

Mobile applications have become the lifeblood of businesses and companies in these trying times. Spine’s premier mobile applications, SpinePOB, and SpineHRM, are all about offering the most complete order booking and HR management experience right from your mobile app, so that you can stay safe inside your home, and get your work done at the same time.

Offering the whole plethora of features that are needed for any business, Spine’s mobile apps are designed to help you conduct your operations smoothly, while making the best efforts to keep you and your loved ones safe. COVID-19 has forced the world to come up with new and innovative ways of living life, and doing business, and Spine is surely doing its part.

SpinePOB- Pen Order Booking mobile app

Service, order, and purchase management are tasks that are often delegated to sales forces to complete in their off-schedule time. Because of the current world situation, sales forces are already making innovative efforts to service clients while maintaining social distancing norms, therefore, the added burden of order and purchase management will only cause trouble for both employees and clients.

SpinePOB is a Pen Order Booking mobile app that automates your point of business management tasks, such as service and order purchase management, purchase tracking, order shipping statuses, and much more. With increased restrictions on the points of contact and strict advisories on physical distancing, SpinePOB helps execute all order management tasks from a single console, made available to you and your employees through the mobile application. Staying safe and going about your business was never as easy as this!

Here are some core features of SpinePOB that make it a boon for businesses during these tough times.

  • Order Booking. Point of business management tasks begin with order booking at the forefront, since it is perhaps the most crucial task of them all. Making it simple, effective, and efficient, SpinePOB automates the order booking process, helping your sales teams and clients to reduce points of contact, and even delegating human resources to other tasks that cannot be achieved without human intervention.
  • Order and dispatch status. Under normal circumstances, executives might go down to the warehouse every now and then to keep a check on the order and dispatch statuses of shipments. With SpinePOB, the need for physical updates on order statuses is eliminated, with a centralized dashboard offering order dispatch and shipment updates for all your orders. Payment status of orders can also be viewed from this very dashboard, making it incredibly effective and efficient, and, it goes without saying, safe!

SpineHRM- Human Resource Management application

When it comes to HR management, it is often considered to be a job solely for the HR executive to carry out on their own. If employees have problems or feedback, all they need to do is pop into the HR executive’s office, have a chat, and settle all problems! Unfortunately, with offices on hold all around the world, a remote HR management solution is needed. Even though employees are working from home, a business still needs to manage its human resources!

SpineHRM offers core HR and employee management functionalities from a simple and easy to use mobile application. With mobile app clients for employees and HR executives, HR management is made incredibly simple and effective. Trust us, your HR executives will thank you for implementing SpineHRM, especially during this pandemic, because the whole world needs all the help that it can get!

Some standout features of SpineHRM that make it an incredible tool to have in your arsenal-

  • With employees working from home, spontaneous communication, reminders and alerts are much-needed, and emails just don’t cut it. With SpineHRM, you can streamline this process with mobile app-enabled push notifications, reminders, and alerts for daily tasks.
  • Leave and attendance management becomes a breeze with SpineHRM mobile platform, since all that employees need to do now is tap a button on their phone screens!
  • Payroll management is another important task that SpineHRM helps to achieve in a seamless manner. In these trying times, the least a business can do for their employees is to keep an up to date payroll.

With the world in a time of crisis, technology steps up to the plate. A mix of innovation and creativity leads to solutions that help keep the wheels of the world turning, and Spine is definitely contributing with SpinePOB and SpineHRM mobile platforms, helping businesses stay in business, and stay safe.

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