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Known for its enterprise resource planning solutions, Spine Software has been making strides in the world of IT ever since its inception. Being a technology-driven organization, Spine Software focuses on delivering solutions that stretch across the entire IT spectrum. The company boasts a list of satisfied clients across India and Europe, laying a testament to the capabilities and abilities of Spine Software.


The products on offer by Spine Software are truly one of a kind. They have helped innumerable organizations to streamline their business operations, by providing solutions that are in line with the business philosophy of their clients. Their expertise and experience in the field of IT services have resulted in the development of highly successful IT products that help clients to ease their operations.


Spine Software has been handling a wide variety of projects ever since its inception. These include the complete automation of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, LAN/WAN management, setting up data centre infrastructures, and hosting of websites. This invaluable experience is what has driven Spine Software to develop groundbreaking solutions for their clients, ranging from ERP software to sales force management.


The products on offer at Spine Software


Spine Software has helped numerous businesses smooth out their operations with their innovative software solutions. Some of these are listed below.




With the current regulations, compliances, and GST rules, it becomes difficult for any business to manage their operations efficiently. Thankfully, for pharmaceutical organizations, managing their operations is now incredibly easy, thanks to Spine Software’s PharmaTrader.


PharmaTrader is a one-stop tool for both distribution and retail management, that helps make the lives of pharmacists just a little bit easier. It can be used to manage multiple facets of an operation, ranging from HR and inventory to sales and accounting.


What makes it stand out?


PharmaTrader is unlike the typical management software available in the market. First of all, when compared to similar software, PharmaTrader is available at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, savings start as soon as you purchase PharmaTrader! Secondly, the introduction of GST has put up new challenges for traders and businesses. PharmaTrader helps you overcome these regulation and compliance challenges, with GST compliant invoices, bills of supply, and quotes. The calculation of SGST, CGST, and IGST can also be done with the click of a button.


Top notch security


With cloud technology, you never have to worry about the safety of your data. PharmaTrader employs security practices specific to the pharma industry, in addition to standard procedures.

Some benefits of cloud technology include being able to delete data remotely from stolen or lost devices, flexible storage options, and easy sharing of information. This ensures that your precious data never falls into the wrong hands, and if it does, you can decide what course of action to take.


PharmaTrader is designed keeping the needs of the pharma industry in mind. With efficient management of operations, top notch security, and unmatched support, PharmaTrader becomes one of the best management software out there.




Similar to PharmaTrader, SpineTrader is a cloud based accounting, inventory, and GST invoice software that helps all kinds of firms manage their operations. With the amount of focus and determination that goes into running sales and other processes in business, competent billing software is what often is required to take operations to the next level. With SpineTrader, traders and wholesalers in all industries can go and focus on running their business and let SpineTrader take care of all billing.


Some standout features of SpineTrader


Invoice creation was never easier. Thanks to SpineTrader, you can now create GST compliant invoices at the touch of a button. This saves the time and effort of both you and your customers, so you can focus on what’s important!


Inventory management. SpineTrader offers an extremely efficient inventory management solution for your enterprise. More than just creating invoices, it helps you keep track of your inventory, with detailed reports about sales and stock-in-hand, all at one place.


GST compliance. With the introduction of GST, compliance and regulations have come forth as new challenges for manufacturers and traders. With SpineTrader, however, say goodbye to all your compliance worries, and let the software do it all for you! Being GST ready can now be accomplished with the click of a button.


Cloud benefits. Cloud tech brings a range of new benefits to the table, unseen in other management software. With increased security, control over data, and seamless sharing, cloud tech is put to good use by SpineTrader.


If you are looking for an inventory, account, and sales management software, all in one, then SpineTrader is definitely the answer for your organization.


Spine ERP


ERP software solutions these days are much needed for large scale enterprises and industries. With Spine ERP, you can make collecting, storing, and managing data for all your business units simpler and easier. Business operations can be streamlined to the maximum, all thanks to Spine ERP solutions.


Cutting edge tech


With Spine ERP, your business is bound to observe a boost in sales and productivity like never before. With faster order-to-cash processing, huge savings in time and resources, and making your business ready for GST, Spine ERP delivers all the benefits you could possibly imagine from an ERP solution. Some of the cutting edge features of Spine ERP are listed below.


  1. Financial management. Taking care of your capital inflow and outflow has never been easier. Spine ERP covers all accounting and related activities, such as maintaining transactions, balance sheets, and ledgers, and generating financial reports for all your business units.
  2. Sales management. Spine ERP also handles all sales workflow, such as inquiries, quotations, and orders. It helps you speed up the sales cycle, and bring in more revenue for your organization.
  3. Supply chain management. The supply chain is a key area in any business, and managing it becomes infinitely simpler with Spine ERP. The entire product flow from manufacturer to consumer is managed, making it easier to track inventories, process recalls, and plan subsequent products.
  4. inventory/warehouse management. Integrated with the SCM module, the inventory and warehouse management helps you track and locate items in your organization, with product serial numbers. Stock targets and replenishments can be closely tracked too with Spine ERP.


Spine ERP brings all essential enterprise management solutions under one roof. With Spine ERP, you never have to worry about efficient business management ever again.


Spine POB


Spine POB is an effective point of business solution for industry-wide applications. With a complete service management experience right from your mobile, Spine POB allows you to book, manage, and process orders right from your mobile device.


Mobility is the present and future of all industries. With Spine POB, you can always expect to have an upper hand over the competition, using the mobile platform to manage and process orders from your customers. For distributors, Spine POB comes in as a one-stop solution for all operations management.


Features that make your lives easier


With Spine POB, distributors across the industry can expect quick and effective management of their orders right from the comfort of their mobile platforms. They can perform functionalities such as sale order, sale return, receipt generations, and purchase orders, all under one roof. Some of the features of Spine POB are as mentioned below.


Sales order management. Spine POB offers the ability to create, modify, and delete sales orders, and sales receipts.


Essential utilities. Spine POB also includes access to utilities, such as data backup and restore uploading, and synchronization of data.


Report generation. With Spine POB, management of orders becomes even easier, thanks to the comprehensive report generation facility. You can now view reports on area wise sales, customer sales, and stocks in hand.


Spine POB makes it simpler for distributors to streamline their business, using the comfort of their mobiles to manage their orders. Many happy customers already swear by Spine POB, laying a testament to the reliability and trust of Spine POB.


Spine SFA


Managing the sales workforce is a challenge for enterprises of all scales. Thankfully, Spine SFA is here to make the sales workforce management process a whole lot easier for enterprises and companies. Spine SFA brings to the table an efficient system of standardizing the sales processes and activities. It also allows you to perform detailed analyses of sales records, and thus enable you to take better sales decisions.


What makes Spine SFA an effective sales force automation solution?


Spine SFA allows you to effortlessly gather and analyse data about your sales operations within a moment. It would take hours to process the same amount of data manually using spreadsheets that Spine SFA can process within minutes. This will ultimately help you in increasing the efficiency of your sales operations and converting more leads to clients.


Opportunity management is a breeze with Spine SFA. Focusing on providing a guideline for the sales processes, Spine SFA helps optimize processes and improve conversion rates. This also helps gather invaluable data on what leads are most likely to be converted.


Reporting is an essential part of any SFA software. With Spine SFA, you can make sure that your decision making is driven by data, increasing your business intelligence in the process. Data is collected from all sources possible, analysed, and then presented in the form of a detailed report so that you can draw maximum insight from it.


Spine SFA makes it much easier for enterprises and firms to manage their sales workforce, and increase the effectiveness of all sales operations. With cutting edge features that make it stand out from all other SFA software available, Spine SFA is bound to benefit your enterprise in both the short and long term.


Spine HRM


Human resource management is an integral part of the operations of any enterprise. Spine HRM delivers HRM features that are unlikely to be found elsewhere, ranging from employee management to benefits management. With Spine HRM, you can expect to manage your employees and workforce in a way that you focus on what’s important- driving the growth of your business.


What all does Spine HRM help you achieve?


With HRM software being one of the most important management tools in any organization, it becomes essential for an HRM solution to offer everything that an organization could potentially need with regards to human resource management. Spine HRM, with its comprehensive set of features, and ease of use, make it an effective HRM solution for all enterprises.


Employee information management. Spine HRM provides efficient employee management services, which include employee database and records, job history, salary information, and banking details. For smooth operations, keeping a sound employee information database is crucial, and Spine HRM helps you manage exactly that.


Benefits management. This includes all the benefits currently offered to employees, such as time off, wellness and insurance benefits, and travel compensation.


Time and attendance management. Since employee attendance needs to be tracked on a daily basis, Spine HRM implements an efficient attendance management system. Time reporting, clocking in time and clocking out time can all be tracked, with biometrics and holiday calendars being included in the software, too.


Spine HRM offers world-class management features for your workforce, ensuring that you never have to worry about managing your employee attendance, or benefits records. With Spine HRM, you can be sure of effective and proactive management of all HR, at the simple touch of a button.




Spine Software has been making strides ever since it was established. With the range of products listed above, it continues to set benchmarks for IT service providers across the industry, every second, each day.